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>> a d.c. cop proves that he can throw down after being called out by a man. hello, i'm bruce johnson. thanks for joining us this saturday night. tonight, d.c. police say they are examining that video, which is getting lots of play on the internet. bar owners say this goes far beyond just a fistfight. the after hours crowd are big,
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dangerous and hurting business. kentuckyken mowlies design that -- molistina is live. >> reporter: now that the video is circulating, red flags are raising over revelers who are maybe taking that fun a little too far. take a look. it's the video that has many people shaking their heads. these images posted on show a crowd facing off with the police. >> go for it, man. be a soldier, go for it. >> you can hear someone in the crowd encourage the man to continue, taunting the police. he walks around the officer, squares off as to threaten the cop, and then -- [ shouting ] >> reporter: the officer tackles the man while others cheer. >> there was a great deal of disrespect, but it's also a matter just of the numbers. >> reporter: d.c. councilman
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jim graham lives in and represents the area of morgans and is deeply disturbed by these images. he says the boldness of the crowd is causing an increased security concern and one of two things needs to be done about it. >> i think it's getting worse rather than better and we need a commitment from the police for more police or we've got to say we can't sustain this level of night life here. >> reporter: businesses are also being impacted by an image of adams morgan they say is tarnishing with violence. val morgan has had this bookstore for years. >> it can't go on. the police are overwhelmed. >> reporter: the video causing the stir has even caught the attention of those who live in and frequent the area. >> i've seen fall-on brawls between street gangs and cops. >> you don't have a reality of drunkenness. >> reporter: earlier today, we tried and talked to d.c. police
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about this. in an e-mail they told us the incident is under investigation. at this time, they're not commenting any further. bruce? >> ken, thanks a lot for that report. new developments tonight in the battle over federal spending cuts and raising the debt ceiling. house speaker says he wants to pursue a smaller deficit reduction deal. he informed president obama tonight that he'll seek a two trillion dollar deal, not the larger four trillion packagewanted by the white house. the president says the order of the night will be compromise. >> both sides are going to have to step outside of their comfort zones and make some political sacrifices. >> if a deal is not reached by july 22nd, it won difficult to push legislation lifting the debt ceiling through congress in time and that means america could default on its loans for the first time in history.
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a neighborhood supposed to be making a comeback, but a triple shooting in columbia heights in northwest is puttinglongstanding problems in the spotlight. two victims, simmons and barber died this morning, and another man fighting for his life tonight. >> reporter: people that live in northwest columbia heights have been told it is changing for the better. not true, neighbors say, and they point to this morning's triple shooting as an example of ongoing violence. we learned all three victims may have been shot in the head. >> every day around here. >> i want to leave d.c. i don't like it. >> reporter: john graham admits that the street has had ongoing problems. >> parkwood place has been improving, but this is one of those notorious blocks that has had a lot of problems for many years. >> reporter: graham says he's learned that the three victims may have been playing craps. people who live in this neighborhood say it happens all
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the time along this street. >> i've seen people play craps. they play all the time. all around the world, the city right there. >> we don't have anything if we don't have safety. >> reporter: seececelia jones lives in this area. she's a community add crow cat but says the -- advocate but says the violence is so bad she's afraid. >> what's needed is solid police work by detectives to root out organized crime, gang crime. i'm including drug dealers. >> reporter: those that know the victims of this latest violent act didn't want to talk on camera, but they say it's unfair, especially to the victim's children. in columbia heights, i'm
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lindsey mastis, 9 news now. >> police are trying to determine a motive for these shootings. residents of the district's poorest neighborhoods have heard it before and today they heard it again, this time from mayor vincent gray who says he will help develop an costa and congress heights neighborhoods. he held a summit to bring new businesses to the area. several hundred people turned out at thurgood marshal academy. some residents expressed fears about how new development may push them out. others say it's long overdue. >> this is long overdue. we talked about this during my campaign last year. and we now are fulfilling a promise to give the people of ward 8 the same opportunities that have existed in all other parts of the city. >> a new ink jet manufacturing
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plant along with several restaurants and shops will be moving into ward 8. it's supposed to bring 300 new jobs. at least 25% of the residents there are unemployed. the national average is just above 9%. tonight, we have the details for two memorial services for former first lady betty ford. a family spokesman says the wife of president gerald ford will be remembered on tuesday at a funeral service in palm desert, california. on wednesday, her casket will travel by motorcade to her hometown of grand rapids, michigan. the first lady will be laid to rest there after services on thursday. betty ford died friday. she was 93. gerald ford was 93 when he died in december of 2001. local government jobs were once considered one of the safest in terms of job security, but that's turning out not to be the case, each here in washington. since 2008, more than 464,000
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public sector jobs have been cut. 100,000 of them just this year. that's less laid off workers trying to figure out just what to do next. >> i don't know what i'm going to do. i'm 36. i've got a high school education. i thought i had a career, and now i don't. >> i was promised this is a job, you'll have a future here. just help us, and we'll help you. next move is to call unemployment, see if i can get some help. and i'll take it from there. >> it gets worse. labor experts say there doesn't appear to be any relief in sight any time soon. they say cuts will continue as long as states try to close their budget gaps. some spiritual advice from a holy man about world peace today. the dalai lama was on capitol hill today. he's in washington as part of a peace conference. actor whoopee goldberg m.c.'d
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today's event. >> you should have vision and determination, will power. so please study well, with self- confidence, more optimistic attitude. and as i already mentioned, with compassionate heart. >> the dalai lama's talk is part of a ten-day world peace event. during his visit, the 79-year- old spiritual leader also met with the house speaker and former house speaker nancy pelosi. still ahead, he survived an explosion in iraq while serving our country, but comes home and dies in a tragic accident at a theme park. we'll have that story. first, hollywood royalty meets a real prince. will and kate are in california meeting some of tinseltown's big wigs. the latest on their visit. our fantastic weekend is going to continue. clear and comfortable overnight
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tonight. tomorrow morning we'll start in the 70s and move into the 80s by tomorrow afternoon. changes in that seven-day forecast. i'll have all the details coming up. can i eat heart healthy without giving up taste? a man can only try... and try...and try. i heard eating whole grain oats can help lower my cholesterol. it's gonna be tough. my wife and i want to lower our cholesterol, but finding healthy food that tastes good is torturous. your father is suffering. [ male announcer ] honey nut cheerios tastes great and can help lower cholesterol.
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as you can see, this is the final edition of tomorrow's news of the world. >> and the final headline is short and to the point. thank you and goodbye. tomorrow, britain's best- selling tabloid will shut down after 168 years. the staff assembled the newspaper's final edition while the paper's website apologized for its controversial hacking into cell phones of celebrities and private citizens. the apology included a statement that read quite simply, we lost our way. phones were hacked, and for that, this newspaper is truly sorry. well, they certainly know how to make an entrance. prince william and his wife, katherine, are wowing the crowds in california tonight. these crowds are easy to please, these hollywood a- listers we're talking about. sandra hughes has more. >> for the very first time, his
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royal highness. >> prince william dazzled spectators at the polo andracquet club while his wife watched from the sidelines. >> it benefited the principal's foundation. >> it helps young people find purpose in life. it's a key element to the foundation that katherine, harry and i have established. >> it was also a chance for americans to rub elbows with the royals. a reported 100,000 dollars to play in the match, $4,000 to hobnob at the luncheon or $400 for the cheap seats and a lunch in a box. >> they were good hosts and we know how to show them a good time. >> reporter: the prince no. 4 led his team to victory scoring four goals. and good thing, too. >> i'm not a good loser. >> reporter: the duchess of cambridge did the honors, presenting a tiffany trophy to the prince's team. after the polo match, they were whisked back to los angeles by helicopter. they'll attend a black tie
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dinner honoring young britishfilmmakers. theefl have hollywood -- they'll have hollywood royalty as company. the royal assessment of their american tour so far? >> already it's gone fan takes ti cli well -- fantastically well as you can see. >> reporter: sandra hughes, cbs news, santa barbara. >> tomorrow they'll visit an inner city arts program on l.a. skid row. still to come on 9 news now, this saturday night, after an epic launch, the shuttle atlantis spends its first full day in space. the latest on the last shuttle mission. a beautiful start to the weekend. but some storms are in our future. olga is back to tell us when and where they'll get here. these sweet honey clustery things have fiber?
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fiber one. almost tastes like one of jack's cereals. uh, forgot jack's cereal. [ jack ] what's for breakfast? uh, try the number one! i've never heard of that. [ wife ] it's great. it's a sweet honey cereal, you'll love it. yeah, this is pretty good. are you guys alright? yeah. [ male announcer ] half a days worth of fiber. not that anyone has to know. fiber beyond recognition. fiber one. >> it's official. southern sudan, an independent state in the eyes of the american government now. and the sudanese here in our area are celebrating all over. this was the scene outside the country's new embassy in northwest washington. president obama called the probing clam makes a birth --
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pro clam makes a birth of a new nation. there's no infrastructure and few natural resources so it will be tough. an army veteran who lost both legs in iraq is killed after being thrown from a roller coaster. it happened at the theme park resort 30 miles east of buffalo, new york. he was ejected early friday night from the roller coaster known as the superman ride of steel. >> the girls came in and one was like, i can't stop shaking. the other was like let me see if i've got blood in my hair. i'm thinking maybe a bird ran into them or something like that. i said, are you okay? because she was shaking pretty bad. she was like, yeah, some guy just fell out of the superman and like in front of me. >> sergeant hacker died at the scene. the 29-year-old lost all of his left leg, most of his right one as well as part of a hip during an explosion in iraq. he had recently been treated
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here at walter reed army center in washington where he was fitted with a new set of prosthetic legs. tonight, the park and new york state regulators all trying to determine how this could have happened, how this man was thrown to his death. they are called the final four. tonight they are declaring their first full day in space is a resounding success. the crew worked through lunch to prepare for tomorrow's docking with the international space station. so far the shuttle isn't performing like a ship ready for retirement. atlantis said it even has minor glitches according to the crew. i kind of hate to see it go. we'll have to bum a ride with the soviets to get up to our space station. it's just not right. >> as long as we get there, right? >> i guess. you said tomorrow is going to be good. >> tomorrow will be good. we started out with a mild overcast for tonight. by tomorrow, it will be just as hot tomorrow, back into the
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lower 90s. you factor in just a slight increase in humidity, it's going to feel quite muggy. our air quality is suffering as well. forecast is going to stay quiet. i'm showing you the satellite and radar. not a lot happening. this is going to remain the case as we head into sunday afternoon and even through most of the day on monday before we start to see a few subtle changes begin to take place. right now, though, temperatures are really backing down. we have mainly clear skies overnight. our winds are calm to light at this hour. that means we've dropped out of the 80s and into the 70s for most of the metro area. the city center is still holding on to 81 degrees but down to a very comfortable 71 down, looking at 69 for reston. definitely comfortable sleeping weather, especially if you get up early tomorrow morning. the weather headlines looking good as well. we'll keep the clear skies. a passing cloud from time to time but in all a lot of sunshine early tomorrow as you stone out. it will be hot tomorrow. we're back into the lower 90s.
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we're going to keep it mainly dry, but you'll notice our winds start to pick up a little bit from the south and southwest tomorrow. that's going to slowly ease some moisture back in. still a good day tomorrow. but our air quality suffering just a little bit as we slip down into a code orange which means it's unhealthy for sensitive groups out there. then i'm also tracking changes in the forecast that will bring back more of that cloud cover and even rain chances as we head into tuesday. the futurecast is quiet. mainly clear skies tonight. we're still benefiting from high pressure. as that slides off toward the east, it will start to open the door for more of the southwest wind flow and more cloud cover come monday afternoon. but at least headed into early monday morning, we're still looking pretty good. overnight tonight, temperatures are going down, but not too far. maybe those middle range 60s for most of us. we'll stick closer to the 70 degree mark, the closer you are to the city, but very comfortable sleeping weather. you might want to open a window and let that breeze move on through. tomorrow morning looks pretty
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good as well. a very quiet start with lots of sunshine, and then in the afternoon, we start to increase the winds out of the south close to 10 miles per hour winds. that's going to pull in a little bit more moisture, but tomorrow's humidity values are still looking pretty good. take a look at some of these temperatures. annapolis 89 degrees. on the western side of the mountains, very nice, 80 degree temperatures. so comfortable there. most of us should see a little bit of heat building in for sunday, but we're going to continue that trend into monday and tuesday as well. here's your wakeup weather for tomorrow morning. mainly near the 70 degree mark for 6:00 a.m. by 8:00, we're headed up into the 80s, but by the time we get toward midday and late day, it is definitely going to feel like a hot july forecast. we have made one little change for the forecast since 6:00. we'll be a little bit warmer on tuesday into the middle 90s, potential to go a little higher
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than that, but it all depends on how heavy those storms are coming through. we're definitely seeing rain coming our way. >> july, like you say. so dot nats win -- dot nats win for the birthday girl? >> no, no win for me. but i had a nice birthday dinner outside. it was a nice night for a ballgame, but not necessarily for nats fans. once again they keep it close but once again, come out on the wrong end. were the orioles and red sox able to act like gentlemen tonight? the best revenge is sweet revenge. those and more coming up on sports. what makes the sleep number store different?
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when it comes to the nationals, the word consistent may not be the first word that comes to your mind, but if you look at their recent home stand, you could make a case for it. the nats last six games have been decided by one run. they started off winning three in a row and now they've lost three in a row, all by one run. jason marquis looking to help his team get back on the board. todd helton with this solid hit. the nats get on the board, in the always exciting groundout. exciting stuff tonight. top of the ninth, laynce nix keeps the nats in the game with a nice diving catch. rob smith gets the inning ending double play to the bottom of the ninth. jayson werth or worthless as the fans were calling him tonight hits into a game-ending double play with ryan zimmerman
11:28 pm
left on base at third. nats lose 2-1. >> i feel like the bridesmaid. i'm getting really close but not getting into the ceremony. we pitched, we played great defense and had the right guys up. we just didn't get it done. a tough one. orioles in boston taking on the red sox and no fighting in the game tonight. both get on the board tonight with a double. that brings in justin. later in the inning, josh reddic drives in two more runs with a double to right. red sox beat the o's 4-0. the birds had just four hits tonight. jim has gotten an offer from the defending world champs. the former skipper is expected to go out to san francisco for an interview after the all-star break. nats manager bruce bochey and reggie worked together in san diego but no word on what the position is. the last time d.c. united
11:29 pm
faced off -- tonight it was d.c.'s turn for that one. and for the first time since being traded to d.c., mid fielder rosario faced his former team and made them pay. de rosario helping his new team late in the game. the black and red get on the board first. de rosario with a sweet finish, 1-0 d.c. united. 75th minute. red bulls try to get the ball in the box but a save. black and red gets a win, 1-0 over new york and avoids a sweep. mystic visiting the indiana fever tonight. former terp. she scored 15 as they beat the mystics by 11. a new mediation date set
11:30 pm
for the nfl lockout. federal judge arthur boilen scheduled another session on july 19th but encouraged both sides to keep meeting until that date. the league and the player met for two days this week in new york before stopping for the weekend. they plan to resume on monday. when you consider the u.s. woman's soccer team is the number one team in the world, you can bet the expectations are quite high for a world cup win. and nothing less. but things definitely have a daunting road ahead, beginning with the quarter final matchup tomorrow against powerhouse brazil. in some world cup action today, it was a shocker in germany for germany. the team couldn't score in regulation. in extra time, only one goal scored of the match. japan stuns defending champ germany 1-0. first ever race at kentucky motor speedway. this one goes down to the wire. green white checkered flag and kyle busch gets the win in
11:31 pm
kentucky. finally tonight, something you don't see every day from the camping world truck series with 16 months to go, austin dixon's hood flies up in front of his windshield. don't know if you ever had that happen when you're on the road, but probably not a good idea to keep driving. he makes it to pit lane and the crew pops off the hood. he gets back on the track. he did end up finishing 14th. you don't really normally see the hood just pop up in front of him. >> yeah. he's a lucky man. >> he's lucky, yeah. >> absolutely. thanks for watching, everybody. we'll see you back here tomorrow. bye. can i eat heart healthy without giving up taste?
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